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For Her/Him

It is hoped that by reading or listening to “Tear Drops’ the pain one feels inside due to different circumstances may help to be relieved.

Seven of the poems in Tear Drops have a tragic background in that they were written for parents who had lost one or more of their children in horrible circumstances. Because the loss of a loved one is so personal, Noelene decided to do a different book “For her” and “For him.” 

To accomplish this, the poems Noelene interchanged ‘for her’ and ’for him’ accordingly.

"I am up in Heaven
These words are for my loved one and they will not be sad
She is now in heaven, up in God's own land
Living there in Paradise, with her loved one's hands
No more pain or sorrow, in God's almighty plan
But she left this message to tell all her friends.........."

"Day to Day
From day to day we do not know what our lives have in store,
We only know that one day on this earth we'll be no more,
For those of us left behind ..."



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